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Restoring an old “Hoosier” cabinet

Our son had asked us to restore a “Hoosier” cabinet as a house warming gift for his client. The word “Hoosier” has come to symbolize any free standing, self contained kitchen cabinet made from the early 1900’s to just before WW II. The term comes from the fact that so many cabinet manufacturers were in Indiana the Hoosier state. However this cabinet was made by the Marsh Furniture Company out of High Point NC which is really vool because.

when I was working for Cavalier Kitchens as a kitchen designer we sold Marsh cabinets. I think it’s cool anyway. From the little bit of research I did I think this cabinet was made between 1914 and the beginning of the Depression.This cabinet was in OK shape. Mike has had to rebuild all the drawer boxes and some other rehab on the cabinet but it is finally ready to paint. My husband recently found these church pews on Craigslist.

There are, count ’em, 10 pews! What a trip getting those home from Delaware. Most of them are around 9-10 feet long but the woman we bought them from had left them outside so the veneer on some of them is pretty knarly. But because I’m married to a furniture repair genius, these pews will be good as new although most will end up being shorter. Not a bad thing since most people don’t have room for a 10 foot church pew. If you need a bench for that new farm table or want a bench for

your entry hall get in touch and we can make the bench to the size you need in the color you want.