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How to improve the air quality at home?

Did you know that indoor air is much more polluted than outdoors? This is even more true in winter, the time of year when we
least aerate his home. Result: pollution, bad smells, humidity invade our interiors. To remedy this, follow our 5 tips to
maintain a healthy air at home throughout the year.Air at least 10 minutes a day
This simple gesture makes it possible to renew the air of your interior. Ten minutes before going to bed is the bare minimum
to significantly reduce the concentration of pollutants at home: tobacco, animal hair, moisture … Nothing prevents you to
air several times in the day : wake up, after the meal … Put on a big sweater and open your windows!

Air at least 10 minutes a day for healthy air at home Ventilate and purify

Excessive moisture causes poor air quality and in some cases mold growth . This problem is often found in the bathroom or
kitchen. The ventilation then makes it possible to renew the air constantly and to reduce the internal pollution . Today
most homes are equipped with controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC). Make sure it is well maintained.

As for the air purifier , as its name suggests, it purifies the air and removes all kinds of particles such as odors,
pollution or allergens . The process is simple: the device captures the ambient air, the filter and restores clean air .
Compact, mobile and sometimes design, it can operate continuously, punctually or even automatically depending on the degree
of air pollution. The editorial department has tested for you the Rowenta Intense Pure Air air purifier (2015 Innovation
Grand Prix at the Paris Fair).

The Rowenta air purifier can cover an area up to 80 m2

Limit pollutants
One of the causes of poor air quality is polluting products . Pay attention to heaters that dry out the air , household
products that pollute your home or to dust , responsible for the majority of allergies. Finally, smoking outside seems
essential because even the open window, harmful components are partly absorbed by textiles (curtains, carpets, clothing

Green plants, allies for a healthy air

Some plants have the property of removing gaseous pollutants from indoor air. Attention, this solution alone does not
improve the quality of the air at home, but it contributes to it. Preferably, opt for these three plants: ficus, ivy or
chlorophytum . They improve the air quality in the living room or the bathroom and also bring a decorative touch !

Some green plants also contribute to good air quality

A healthy air that smells good thanks to essential oils
Essential oils are also known to purify the air of your home and at the same time create a soothing atmosphere , ideal for
long winter evenings. To purify the air , use lemon oil or sweet orange and the clean up of the tea tree oil . For that,
equip yourself with a diffuser of aromas ! Essential oils have their place in the house and in every season!