The different types of lawn mowers

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If you consider keeping your garden to a chore, a satisfying change in the pace of your hectic weekly routine if not, or if you are really dedicated and enthusiastic about it, we can help you with tips, advice and comments to help you with the most basic gardening activity of all, mow the lawn .In these pages you will find all the information you need on the lawnmower reviews of all kinds, electric lawn mower, reviews of petrol lawnmower, for rolling on and robotic lawn mower, as well as a
lot of other information such as maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your lawn mower.

Find out what you can expect to pay for a gas lawn mower to find out if you have a garden large enough to warrant a purchase. Here we look at the essential and non-essential features that are important to watch when buying a gas trimmer, as well as clear, direct comparisons of some of the more popular models to help you make an informed purchase decision .

Lawn mowing as we know it dates back to the mid-nineteenth century England when an inventor named Edwin Budding inventive achievements include the adjustable wrench), saw the need for more cunning and less work Intensive way of cutting grass, which at the time was limited to the heavy and cumbersome false. His solution was essentially a boost along the blade’s table rotation, the forerunner of the modern cylinder mower. It was obviously a winning idea, because the principle has remained the same until todaybut with obvious embellishments like the power of the electric or gasoline engine, or more recently robotic control. However, the greatest diversion of blade design from the original budding cylinder must be the rotating blade mechanism, and choosing between one or the other is the first decision you need to make to decide which is the best lawn mower for you.

All modern lawn mowers should feature a “dead mans” lever, which is a lever that must be grasped as the user operates the
mower, as it will shut off the engine or engine. This is an important safety feature that prevents misuse or injury to the user. Some clutch mower functionality means that the engine can be disengaged to drive the gasoline engine more expensive rather than completely extinguished, this avoids having to pull the engine starter cord repeatedly throughout a mowing session.


How to increase the value of a house

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The smallest details can make all the difference when you put your house up for sale. Your home is an investment and as is
the case in most of them, you can increase the value of your property by making some savvy purchases and using some elbow
grease. You can quickly increase the value of your home and sell it more easily by investing money and taking the time to
clean and renovate it.

1 Repaint the walls.

Real estate agents keep repeating that a layer of fresh paint is the easiest way to increase the value
of a home. That said, a bright purple can be a deterrent for potential buyers. Consider neutral tones such as beige or light
green with simple white borders and ceilings, which can appeal to most buyers [1] .
First, repaint the most used rooms like the kitchen, the living room and the main bathroom, if your budget is tight.
Avoid bright colors such as pink or yellow, as well as dark shades such as chocolate brown or navy blue, as these choices
may put some buyers off.

2 Remove all the wallpaper and replace it with paint.

The wallpaper displeases the buyers a lot because it is painful to
remove if they do not like it. Stick to neutral paintings to get the most value for your home [2] .
Some wallpapers, especially in smaller pieces, may be relevant if they are well chosen. Stick to simple, neutral patterns,
not bulky, flashy prints.

3 Let the light in.

A 2007 survey on real estate showed that the luminosity was the first test of the potential buyers to make
the difference between good and excellent house [3] . You can add lighting in many ways.
Install switches that dim the light and lift the mood.
Install a canopy or skylight (a glass plate in the ceiling that lets in more light) to bring in the light more naturally.
Remove the curtains too big and too thick.
Replace old light bulbs with more energy efficient LEDs for a cleaner, more modern atmosphere without breaking the bank.


How to improve the air quality at home?

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Did you know that indoor air is much more polluted than outdoors? This is even more true in winter, the time of year when we
least aerate his home. Result: pollution, bad smells, humidity invade our interiors. To remedy this, follow our 5 tips to
maintain a healthy air at home throughout the year.Air at least 10 minutes a day
This simple gesture makes it possible to renew the air of your interior. Ten minutes before going to bed is the bare minimum
to significantly reduce the concentration of pollutants at home: tobacco, animal hair, moisture … Nothing prevents you to
air several times in the day : wake up, after the meal … Put on a big sweater and open your windows!

Air at least 10 minutes a day for healthy air at home Ventilate and purify

Excessive moisture causes poor air quality and in some cases mold growth . This problem is often found in the bathroom or
kitchen. The ventilation then makes it possible to renew the air constantly and to reduce the internal pollution . Today
most homes are equipped with controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC). Make sure it is well maintained.

As for the air purifier , as its name suggests, it purifies the air and removes all kinds of particles such as odors,
pollution or allergens . The process is simple: the device captures the ambient air, the filter and restores clean air .
Compact, mobile and sometimes design, it can operate continuously, punctually or even automatically depending on the degree
of air pollution. The editorial department has tested for you the Rowenta Intense Pure Air air purifier (2015 Innovation
Grand Prix at the Paris Fair).

The Rowenta air purifier can cover an area up to 80 m2

Limit pollutants
One of the causes of poor air quality is polluting products . Pay attention to heaters that dry out the air , household
products that pollute your home or to dust , responsible for the majority of allergies. Finally, smoking outside seems
essential because even the open window, harmful components are partly absorbed by textiles (curtains, carpets, clothing

Green plants, allies for a healthy air

Some plants have the property of removing gaseous pollutants from indoor air. Attention, this solution alone does not
improve the quality of the air at home, but it contributes to it. Preferably, opt for these three plants: ficus, ivy or
chlorophytum . They improve the air quality in the living room or the bathroom and also bring a decorative touch !

Some green plants also contribute to good air quality

A healthy air that smells good thanks to essential oils
Essential oils are also known to purify the air of your home and at the same time create a soothing atmosphere , ideal for
long winter evenings. To purify the air , use lemon oil or sweet orange and the clean up of the tea tree oil . For that,
equip yourself with a diffuser of aromas ! Essential oils have their place in the house and in every season!


How to improve the isolation of your home.

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Are you cold at home? Protect your but one, renew the structures, get a better match to the orientation, Know which
materials can offer better performances, reinforce the insulation and waterproof the most exposed areas. We give you all the
keys to insulate a house is fundamental to guarantee the confo rt and with some work not overly expensive and some simple
tips the difference may be noticeable. Take note!

Benefits of good insulation

It reduces heat loss that the house has. And as a result, it reduces the consumption of gas or electricity (depending on the
heating system that our house has), and the resulting billing.

It avoids the hot air intake from the outside in summer. By insulating cold walls, you also get an advantage in summer. A
good insulation will be one that not only manages to avoid the escape of hot air in winter, but also maintains a cool
temperature inside the house in summer (reducing the need for use of air conditioning). How to get both benefits? Choose
reinforced thermal insulation glass for your windows, such as those that make Climalit available. They will allow you to
leave the cold outside the house in the winter, and in the summer, keep the temperature inside without the heat.

Greater sound insulation. By insulating cold walls, you can also use materials that allow us to soundproof. In this way, we
will reach a quieter, peaceful and pleasant home to rest.

Wall insulation
Cracks and gaps
Inner insulation is an essential element of energy efficiency in the home . Investing in the privacy of your home is often
the most profitable improvement you can make.

The cracks and the cunes in the walls are equivalent to having an open window of 1.5 x 1 meters permanently. This type of
damage is responsible for the loss of 15% to 25% of the heat. Therefore, sealing cracks and gaps in the house that can enter
the cold air will save you a lot of money. And best of all, the materials you will need for this are very economical.

Good insulators

The thermal inertia is the property that the material with the drill that is to say, with the thickness and of NSITE-po ur
accumulate heat, reserving the interior for emitting to the environment after a few hours. In this way, the house is self-
regulating, reaching a stable temperature throughout the year and, as a result, a lower heating expense.

The insulation of the walls of m ouse can be a j economy Up to 45% in heating and air conditioning so p o perform the work
of this home is an investment that is amortized in the short term .

In Acertus we opt usually louse r the system myself transdose on the walls of the house, insulation lift inside a double
wall based on profiles and laminated plasterboard used to “brake” to prevent the heat of escape from the housing through
these pores of building materials. This solution will subtract a few centimeters of space, but it is a good solution for
thermal and acoustic insulation problems.

Isolation result live transposed

The most common type of transformation used in house construction is autosupporting transduction , because with it there is
a noticeable improvement in acoustic and thermal insulation in the applied wall. In other cases, you can also use direct and
semidirects (wall-mounted plates or screw plates to teachers respectively)

Self-supporting conveyor consisting of a strong galvanized steel frame, on which is screwed, by the face of the house, one
or more plasterboard of different thicknesses. In the facade walls incorporated in the interior of the insulating material,
to bring improvements in the thermal and acoustic characteristics required.

The direct work is the building unit made by “gluing” directly to the wall plasterboard, which in the case of the facades
are usually installed plates with insulating materials incorporated to give the thermal characteristics.

The sem i-direct work unit corresponds to the constructed construction, fixing the “Omega” plasterboard profiles directly to
the wall, on which one or more plasterboards are screwed. In the case of façades, the plates with integrated insulating
materials are usually installed to give the thermal characteristics.

Pay attention to the pens

The condensation effect inside the crystals is due to the temperature difference between the outside and the inside. This is
another fundamental point by which energy is lost. The most insulating carpentry is PVC and wood , followed by high- grade
aluminum with thermal break (RPT).

It would also be desirable to set a frame for the window to fit perfectly. But it also influences the thickness of the
profiles and the degree of sealing that is achieved with the design of the same. Finally, it is advisable to adjust the size
of the interstices according to the time, the exposure of the house and the orientation. On the other hand, a very divided
leaf has more losses than a whole leaf.

In our article: P VC or aluminum? Renew your windows without fear ! You will find a handy guide to choosing the type of
enclosure that best suits the needs of your home.

We can focus on thermal and acoustic insulation problems. Count on us without commitment!


Restoring an old “Hoosier” cabinet

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Our son had asked us to restore a “Hoosier” cabinet as a house warming gift for his client. The word “Hoosier” has come to symbolize any free standing, self contained kitchen cabinet made from the early 1900’s to just before WW II. The term comes from the fact that so many cabinet manufacturers were in Indiana the Hoosier state. However this cabinet was made by the Marsh Furniture Company out of High Point NC which is really vool because.

when I was working for Cavalier Kitchens as a kitchen designer we sold Marsh cabinets. I think it’s cool anyway. From the little bit of research I did I think this cabinet was made between 1914 and the beginning of the Depression.This cabinet was in OK shape. Mike has had to rebuild all the drawer boxes and some other rehab on the cabinet but it is finally ready to paint. My husband recently found these church pews on Craigslist.

There are, count ’em, 10 pews! What a trip getting those home from Delaware. Most of them are around 9-10 feet long but the woman we bought them from had left them outside so the veneer on some of them is pretty knarly. But because I’m married to a furniture repair genius, these pews will be good as new although most will end up being shorter. Not a bad thing since most people don’t have room for a 10 foot church pew. If you need a bench for that new farm table or want a bench for

your entry hall get in touch and we can make the bench to the size you need in the color you want.